Project Date Location Status Category
Flint House 2015 Buckinghamshire, UK Completed Residential
Bab al Ard 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Competition Cultural
Dairy House 2008 Somerset, UK Completed Residential
Hidden House 2011 Mallorca, Spain Unbuilt Residential
In Vitro 2021 Venice, Italy Completed Exhibition
In the Blink of an Eye 2021 Bishop Auckland, UK Completed Exhibition
Chert House 2016 Kent, UK Unbuilt Residential
A Boat Called Intolerance 2010 London, UK Completed Residential
Between the Folds 2019 Buckinghamshire, UK Unbuilt Residential
Woodshed 2022 Hertfordshire, UK Completed Residential
Focus House Ongoing London, UK Pre-planning Residential
Avoiding Oblivion 2022 London, UK Completed Exhibition
Eco Lab 2001 London, UK Completed Commercial
Peep Show 2016 London, UK Completed Exhibition
Belvedere Obscura 2016 Windsor, UK Unbuilt Exhibition
Marina Abramovich 2018 London, UK Completed Exhibition
Crosby Row Ongoing London, UK Planning Residential
Partial Eclipse 2017 Windsor, UK Unbuilt Landscape
Object Number One 2016 Venice, Italy Unbuilt Exhibition
Scanning Seti 2017 Basel, Switzerland Completed Exhibition
Universal Symbols 2018 Venice, Italy In Development Exhibition
Madame de Pompadour 2018 Waddesdon, UK Completed Exhibition
Veronica Scanner 2016 London, UK Completed Exhibition
Hertford Street 2009 London, UK Completed Residential
Fidelio in the Gulag 2010 Perm, Russia Completed Cultural
Blindspotting 2015 London, UK Unbuilt Residential
Frontline Club 2017 London, UK Completed Commercial
Selfridges 2008 London, UK Competition Commercial
Agent Provocateur 2009 Multiple Completed Commercial
Pushkin House 2019 London, UK Unbuilt Residential
Medical Imaging Centre 2014 London, UK Completed Medical