Flint House

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In Ictu Oculi – In the Blink of an Eye

RELATED LINKS download full guide INTRODUCTION BISHOP AUCKLAND Located in the town of Bishop Auckland in County Durham, England, Auckland Castle or Auckland Palace, also known as the Bishop’s Palace, is one of the best-preserved bishops’ palaces in Europe. It is a Grade I listed building that dates back to the 12th century. Previously a […]

Chert House

INTRODUCTION LOCATION The village of Ide Hill in Kent is five miles south-west of Sevenoaks, and one of the highest points on the Greensand Ridge, it has views both to the south over the Weald and to the north over the North Downs. It sits in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Metropolitan […]

A Boat Called Intolerance

FILM A Boat called Intolerance, directed by Tania Moreira David DESIGN CAST GLASS BLOCKS The cast glass blocks or teeth form a multifaceted strip along the gunnels, reflecting and animating images of the canal as the boat moves through the water; a skewed narrative or re-reading of the city. This developed through collaboration with glass […]

The Woodshed

INTRODUCTION The Wood Shed is the only survivor of a former complex of agricultural buildings in the South East of North Mymms Park, a Grade I listed mansion at the centre of a 700 acre park and farm land estate. The building sits at the north-west of a plot of just under a hectare, next […]

Avoiding Oblivion

RELATED CONTENT download full catalogue FILM see project film DESIGN The design was subject to all the constraints of temporary fair construction, within which the goal was ultimately to create a sense of deep time and permanence. Typically, temporary fairs are installed in less than a week, remain in place for as long, and are […]