Skene Catling de la Pena

Furniture Design/ Packaging/ Product Design/ Graphics

Skene Catling de la Peña apply their approach to work at a variety of Scales, including furniture design, packaging, graphics and branding. This is reflected in the range of experience and backgrounds of their team, is supplemented by links to the Royal College of Art and can be seen in their work for Agent Provocateur, Selfridges, Eco Lab, Wedgwood and Frontline.

Within architectural projects, their furniture can be seen as an holistic extension of the principles of the overall scheme. In the Dairy House, for example, every detail was seen as integral to the experience of the overall design, and as a result everything was bespoke. These details included a hand basin carved from a single block of semi-precious moss agate; bookcases with a detail to the edge of the shelves that reduces the thickness of the oak from 20mm to 3mm. An oak stair contains a ‘secret’ storage system, while full height doors have full width steel hinges and door handles cast in bronze.

For Agent Provocateur, the detail has developed to epitomise a unique brand in the extremely competitive luxury retail market, while also meeting constraints of cost, speed and ease of manufacture. In addition, the systems have to withstand the brutality of repetitive use. Skene Catling de la Peña have developed two complete systems for display and storage; one based on screen printed mirror glass, and the other on laser cut Perspex, as well as wallpaper, carpets, textiles, lighting, packaging and the Agent Provocateur figure who lights her cigarette with a burning fuse…

In addition to the architecture, the design at Eco Lab involved developing a logo, graphics and corporate identity, and developing a family of ‘green’ packaging that would still seduce the user. Plastic was avoided; the packaging was all made of recycled and recyclable material. Holes were cut to allow visibility, and cellulose windows were used where necessary for health and safety. SCDLP also developed a futuristic digital Chinoiserie; the wallpaper was composed of scanned images of the ingredients used by Eco Lab, sourced from their suppliers and arranged into a couture design.